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Trail Food…

Posted by on September 8, 2014

When I first learned about the Appalachian Trail one of the “memorable” stops was a shelter where you could have a pizza delivered. Well, today was that day! Its called the RPH Shelter and I ordered a chef salad and a dozen chicken wings…couldnt pass up the chance to eat something green!

As I was waiting for my order to be delivered a fellow hiker shows up, we strike up a conversation and wow, a kindred spirit. He is only the second fellow traveller I’ve ever met who somehow always ends up with these amazing travel experiences.

I asked him the question as to why these amazing things happen to him and he said when he travels he has a policy to never say no. He also said he was always open to new experiences which is the same conclusion the first fellow traveller and i came to.

Yes, those of you that have heard my story of straddling the village policeman will know that sometimes i have ended up in compromising positions but overall, i now believe my willingness to try and do almost anything has led to some of the fantastic and at times, bizarre experiences…mopani worm anyone?

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