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So I got a ride from a paedophile today…

Posted by on September 12, 2014

I am meeting my buddy in Harriman, NY tonight so needed to get into town. Its about 4 miles on a highway if you walk in the right direction, 8 miles if you walk in the wrong direction and dont realize it until you read the city limit sign. 

In NY hitchhiking is illegal, at least thats what my trail guide says. So I was about 1 mile away from town on a narrow highway, at this point I stopped even trying to catch a ride and was resigned to walking all the way in when an old tan Oldsmobile Cutlass stops right next to me, it was a fat old white dude and the windows were down so I hopped in. Here’s our conversation as best as I can recall:

FWD (fat white dude): Where you headed?

Me: Harriman

FWD: How far have you walked today?

ME: About 11 miles.

FWD: Do you walk that far everyday?

ME: No sir, I am hiking the Appalachian Trail, been on it for about ten days, walking 10-15 miles per day.

FWD: Wow, that’s a lot of exercise, your legs must be strong.

ME: Well sir, I am not quite in “trail shape” yet, but yes, I imagine my legs will get pretty strong.

FWD: Can I feel them?

ME: Um…I’d rather you didnt…

Luckily the hotel was visible around the next corner and he let me out without even grabbing my ass…

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