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Pawling, NY Day 5

Posted by on September 6, 2014

So the last few days have been super hot and humid, apparently the hottest week all year! So my butt is getting completely kicked, i drink at least 6 liters while hiking, another 1-2 @ camp and one before i leave in the morning. At some point my body will get used to this and im pretty sure my liver is doing a happy dance as well. Besides 6 blister locations and sore muscles all is well.

I have been averaging about 10 miles a day, which is better than i had hoped but i am still nowhere near “trail fit” as i learned this morning when a kid i met hiked 53 mikes the day before, which is the entire length of the trail in CT. Yep, i was impressed!

In terms of wildlife, i have seen a few chipmunks, caught a raccoon bathing this morning, saw 2 female whitetail deer, 1 snake about 5 inches long and a black 4 footer snake i still haven’t identified. I have heard owls almost every night and usually at some point i will hear Canadian Geese flying overhead. So some cool things so far…oh, forgot, lots of frogs and toads, haven’t seen any worth BBQ’ing yet but I’m hopeful.

I arrived in Pawling NY, around 3, just as a black cloud was coming over the mountain. There is a train station here that goes direct to Manhattan which is kind of cool, also explains why i met so many folks from the city just coming out to spend tonight (one 30ish woman was wearing perfect bright red lipstick). The train station is also a nursery and…they offer a bit of respite for hikers, free shower outside, free water (big deal since we have to filter everything) and the best part, they converted the restroom inside the building to a full bath. So i had a shower today ($5 but so worth it).

I then walked down the highway (sans pack!) to Tony’s deli, a bit of a local hotspot based on what i saw. Had a proper sandwich, restocked a few supplies and then walked back in the heat and humidity (it rained for about 30 seconds earlier).

The woman who was working here at the nursery was very kind and has allowed me to hang out in their garden, charge my phone and they have a little place in the back where i can hang my hammock tonight. I am really really hoping these black clouds that just rolled in take the humidity away and cool the place down…if only i knew a rain dance!

I haven’t checked tomorrows route yet but i saw something coming up called bear mountain and it looks like it is gonna be a tough climb…one of the things about the landscape here is there are tons of granite and quartz boulders everywhere, having to scamper up and down these “boulder fields” is a bit of a challenge but cool to look back and see what you’ve just accomplished.

So while i was getting undressed to take a shower i just wanted to see how many skeeter bites i had on my shoulders…wow was i surprised…i have at least 100 just on my butt! That will teach me not to remove my under-quilt, no matter how warm it gets inside!

Finally, i took a selfie while sitting in the garden…wow, it is stunning how much my father looks like me!


Former California State Hiking Champion

Former California State Hiking Champion

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