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Onesy in the woods

Posted by on September 17, 2014

Ok, apparently I am a magnet for whatever freak show is going on up here because today…I am hiking along, not using my poles so pretty quiet and come over this hill and at the bottom I see an older dude wearing a royal blue Onesy…I didn’t see any numbering on the back but he did have on those super thick glasses with the huge squarish frame. Anyways, I could tell I startled him because he couldn’t figure out what to do, he started to walk, went in a circle, then walked, paused, finally decided to walk in the same direction as me. I caught up to him in a few minutes not really wanting to start a conversation but hey, I always learn something new every time I meet someone so decided to just go along with it.

He starts with the usual “where you headed” and is walking and talking with me, the terrain was slightly uphill with no rocks so I was moving at a pretty good clip, not wanting to spend too much time with this dude. Anyways, he is a local and was up there scouting for old “underground homes”. Yeah, I was thinking a quiet place to take his victims as well. He shares some stories as we walked and as we parted he showed me the entrance to one…yep, they are real! I double timed it away from creepyboy…and am now resting comfortably above ground in my hammock…but, I have a feeling I’m going to see him on the news in the future…

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