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First Impressions

Posted by on September 3, 2014

I have spent 2 days walking the trail so far, about 18 miles in total. On this second night, once again there is a group of freshman from Princeton in camp…apparently, all freshmen are required to spend 6 days on the Appalchian Trail before going to class. They have been doing this for over 40 years…its a great tradition in my opinion!

So besides the Princeton group, every hiker i have run across is, gulp, older than me! I am shocked to be honest…but nice to see so many seasoned citizens out here!

My body is obviously hurting but besides a few blisters, all is well. Connecticut happens to be a state that doesn’t allow fires…so my little stove that uses twigs is illegal…so haven’t had a hot meal yet…luckily i stocked up on snickers!

The biggest lesson i have learned so far is just because the gear is “cool”, i don’t need to carry it. My pack weight started at 23 lbs, with food and water that’s over 30 lbs which is too much climbing up/down boulders, crossing streams etc. So i am going into a town tomorrow to lighten my load a bit (and to restock my snickers supply!)

I took my first stream bath today, yes, that mountain water is very crisp, especially when you are only in the shade. Tomorrow apparently i walk next to a proper river for a while, will use that time to clean the pits again and perhaps even a sock or two!

So far, so good as they say. No real surprises, just happy to be out in nature again (there is an owl nearby talking). Oh, no, haven’t seen a bear yet but have seen scat a few times…so they are around:-)

No pics yet…i have been sweating too much and my phone doesn’t apparently work too well with sweat dripping all over the

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