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Fantastic Shelter!

Posted by on November 4, 2014

My original plan was to hike 25 miles today but once I hit the snow and rocks I knew I would never make it without hiking at night. So I changed plans and ended up at this shelter with an indoor fireplace. Basically everything I have is wet from either snow or condensation so I really needed a way to try and dry my sleeping bag and tent (shoes too!).

When I arrived at this shelter I noticed they also had a saw, so I gathered a bunch of wood and spent an hour sawing logs. I am now laying down next to a raging fire.  I usually set up my tent inside of shelters because of the spiders and mice but my tent won’t fit in here so I am going to try and sleep without it,  hopefully no critters go scurrying across my face while sleeping tonight. I’m down to only some breakfast food and something for lunch tomorrow so tomorrow I am going to hike 20 and go into the metropolis of Pearlsberg,  VA.  They don’t have a hostel there but they do have cheap hotels so I will have 4 walls tomorrow plus a shower, really looking forward to sleeping without smelling feet:-)

Oh, actually the best part is they have a Mexican restaurant I’m town…

Here’s the fantastic shelter:


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